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2018/08/30 ホテル・ホステル&カフェ・バー キッカ馬喰町 馬喰町バー 小伝馬町バー
Unique International bar in Bakurocho, Bar KIKKA!

There is no place like Bar KIKKA in Bakurocho 


Bar KIKKA is placed in the basement of Hostel KIKKA. 

It gives different and unique experience for you.

We have many options for drinks and friendly Bar staffs.

Do you wanna drink a nice cold drink during humid and hot Summer night?
Bar KIKKA is the best place for you.


I’m going to tell you a little bit about “Bar KIKKA” in this blog.  

I hope you will know about this place and willing to come and drink with us!


First, we’ll tell you about the unique drinks at Bar KIKKA.


The smell of Tokushima? Kamikatu Beer 

Bar KIKKA offer you Kamikastu beer which is made in Tokushima prefecture.

Why Tokushima’s Kamikastu beer at the Bar KIKKA in Tokyo?

Key is the concept of both Bar KIKKA and Kamikastu beer.

Kamikastu beer is organic and ZERO WASTE beer.

One of KIKKA’s theme is “sustainability”.  To substantiate our idea, we collaborate with Kamikatsu beer.

There is no place like here that you can drink Kamikastu beer but bar Kikka.

Now, we are having the pale ale beer which is light and fruity taste and Bikini beer which taste unique like coffee.


Not only unique beer, but we also have the variety of whiskey.

We have 11 kinds of whiskey.

You can choose from Santory Yamazaki, Hakusyu or Scotch whiskeys.

We also offer you drinks from all over the world such as Korean spirits.


Let’s meet new flavor of drinks at bar KIKKA!


If you want to mingle with different kinds of people, come to bar KIKKA!! 

 Not only good drinks but also international mingle with people from all over the world.


80% of Bar KIKKA’s customer is from outside of Japan


Every night, here in bar KIKKA, we have so many foreign customers from all over the world.  

Of course, we welcome Japanese customers and for the people who want to talk to travelers or have cross-cultural experience, bar KIKKA is the best place.

Not only from Asia, but also from America, Australia, UK, Europe, South America, we have customers from different areas.

You can get great information about your sightseeing in Japan in bar KIKKA!


Events in bar KIKKA

We are going to have some Events.

It will be the great opportunity to meet someone new.

Our name KIKKA is coming from “opportunity” in Japanese “KIKKA-ke”. 

Why don't you make friends when you stay with us.


Friendly Bar KIKKA staff

Not only drinks, you can meet the friendly bar KIKKA staff

They share a wonderful moment with you.

There’s no boundary between bartender and customer.

We are waiting for you spend time with us!



MAP 東京都千代田区東神田3-1-1